White-Rodgers has introduced an upgrade kit for aftermarket replacement of silicon carbide hot surface ignitors with nitride (SiN) ignitors. Nitride ignitors have proven to provide longer ignitor life and more dependable performance even in the most harsh environments.

The new White-Rodgers nitride upgrade kit comes with everything needed to complete the job in less than 30 minutes. The kit comes with an ignitor power module, universal bracket, nitride ignitor, wiring harness and furnace label to let everyone know the furnace has been upgraded.

The premium upgrade kit is designed to be a universal replacement for more than a hundred different silicon carbide ignitors, which greatly simplifies ordering, selection and inventory for White-Rodgers customers. The kit will replace silicon carbide ignitors on both integrated and non-integrated HSI systems.

For more information contact White-Rodgers at 9797 Reavis Road, St. Louis, Mo. 63123 or www.white-rodgers.com.