These packaged, commercial heating and cooling units feature two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits charged with HCFC-22. Standard efficiency units have an EER of 6.0, while high-efficiency units can reach 11.5 EER. A "single footprint" design allows easy installation for commercial applications on roof curb, slab, roof rack or frame. To make repairs and maintenance quicker and easier, the motor and blower assembly slide out, providing greater access to components. Hinged, "tool-less" panels give quick access to the control box, compressors and heating sections. A corrosion-resistant slide-out drain pan makes cleaning easy and the standard size filter is easy to replace. The units, which come in cooling only, cooling with electric heat and cooling with gas heat and heat pump, are available in 61/2- , 71/2-, 81/2-, 10- and 121/2-ton capacities.

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