ST. LOUIS - Contracting group AirTime 500¿, founded by Jim Abrams and John Young, said it plans to license 500 limited territories in the United States. Currently, there are 317 taken territories. The final recruitment meetings were to be held May 31, in Philadelphia, June 2 in St. Louis and June 5 in Atlanta.

AirTime members have access to marketing techniques; classes for sales, management and service employees; group buying power; consultants; and their own web sites.

Pete Wykle, owner and operator of American Comfort Heating in Elk Grove Village Ill., said AirTime 500's marketing helped his closing average. "We sent out 10,200 pieces to customers that we have done business with in the last two years in the zip codes close to our shop: 10,200 pieces, 135 responses, 122 appointments set, 58 leads ran, 34 sales made, 58% closure rate, $3,202 average sale, $108,872 total sales in eight days, (and) we still have 64 leads to run."

For more information, call 877-862-8181.