Trane Co. recently celebrated 10 years in the commercial and industrial temporary cooling business. The company says its ChillerSource business, now "65 times its original size," has 140 sales and service outlets in North America.

"Temporary cooling is critical to keeping a business up and running when the unexpected happens," said Trane product Manager Dennis VanGilder,

"Whether it's emergency cooling for a hospital, supplemental office cooling during a heat wave, or standby cooling for a manufacturing process, temporary cooling can minimize downtime and help reduce financial losses to a business."

ChillerSource offers both emergency and planned services. Customers also use temporary cooling for planned equipment shutdowns to replace or service equipment.

ChillerSource dispatches Trane equipment from 13 depots around the U.S. on a 24-hour basis and says any size cooling requirement can be met.

The company encourages customers to develop cooling contingency plans, planning for possible failures that could harm a business.