Hoping to make it easier for members to participate in the standards development process, the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) recently introduced an Internet-based “virtual” meeting system.

The system allows ARI members to use their personal computers to dial into the ARI web site to draft or edit proposed standards in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. During virtual meetings, members are able to suggest changes and see the results immediately on their computer screens. ARI officials say this technology will significantly speed up the standards process. “ARI can call virtual meetings to work on standards at any time the work is ready to be done,” said ARI assistant research and development vice president Mike Woodford, in a recent issue of Koldfax, the group’s newsletter. Another ARI official, Zubin Dastoor, added the new system will save time and the cost of travel expenses to attend in-person traditional meetings.

For more information, visit the ARI’s web site a at www.ari.org or contact Jim Walters, ARI’s director of international standards at jwalters@ari.org.

  • Www.Aerias.org is being billed by its creators as a definitive site for information on indoor air quality (IAQ) and its impact on human health. Aerias.org researcher and certified health education specialist Karen Miles said the site is ideal for builders, architects, consumers, facility mangers and others who “seek up to the minute information as well as a wealth of background material relating to any and all issues regarding indoor air quality.”

    Navigating the site is easy. Recent health and IAQ developments ands news items are posted regularly. Visitors may also take a virtual tour of a home, office building and school to see the IAQ concerns for each location. Also on the site are lab tests, guest columns, links to other health web sites and much more.

  • York International Corp.’s Unitary Products Group (UPG) recently launched a new web site. Different from York’s regular corporate site, www.yorkupg.com is tailored specifically to the UPG market, with features not available on the corporate site. A history of the UPG, dealer locator and extensive product information is available for download. A frequently asked questions segment is updated regularly and visitors are encouraged to submit their own questions.

    “The new site gives us greater control over content, keeping information up to date and making it brand-specific,” said Andy Fracica, York UPG brand manager. “Eventually, they will be able to place orders online and research product inventory as we continue to look for ways to make their job easier.”

  • W.A. Whitney Co. has introduced online ordering to the company’s web site. At www.wawhitney.com, customers can order torch consumables used in Whitney-brand and other plasma cutting processes. Also available are electrodes, nozzles, nosepieces, fittings, washers and other components. Special price sales, instant delivery and order confirmation and more are also available.

The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) had added an online book store to its web site, www.rses.org. Members now have the ability to purchase self-study training courses, Technical Institute training manuals, certification preparation materials and service application manuals.

“Soon RSES merchandise — apparel, promotional and recognition items will also be available online,” said executive President Robb Issacs.

If anyone has a problem ordering online, the items are also available for purchase by calling 847-297-6464.