Copper in Architecture is an installer training program being offered to contractors by the Copper Development Association (CDA).

CDA will train your staff in your own shop with up-to-date techniques in copper systems application. The program is open to contractors, architects and building owners. This is an interactive, hands-on program with a flexible schedule and content that can be customized to suit most needs.

Available activities and topics include:

  • Introductory Lecture

  • Equipment and Tools

  • Soldering Techniques

  • Roofing Systems: Standing Seams, Batten Seams, Flat Seams

  • Barrel Vaults

  • Domes

  • Cupolas

  • Built-in gutters

  • Flashing Systems

  • Wall Cladding Systems

For more information contact the Copper Development Association, 260 Madison Avenue, New York , NY 10016; 212-251-7200.