DALLAS - FieldCentrix earlier this year announced the general availability of Version 2.4 of its FieldCentrix Enterprise.

FieldCentrix Enterprise, according to the company, automates the costly, time-consuming, and paper-intensive processes associated with field service. The software consists of four modules: FX Mobile¿, FX Service Center¿, FX Interchange¿ and FX Foundation¿. FX Mobile is designed for the field technician using handheld computers and wireless data communications that allow them to communicate in real-time with the office, operations management, the sales team, and other technicians. FX Service Center supports dispatchers and office personnel and FX Interchange integrates FieldCentrix products with third-party back-office systems, including payroll, accounting, and dispatch systems. FX Foundation provides the underlying database, security, and wireless communications infrastructure.

"Version 2.4 represents another significant step in providing our customers with cutting-edge solutions to improve their business practices," said David Key, FieldCentrix president and chief executive officer. "We've added numerous features including enhanced invoice management tools; increased preventive maintenance and contract functionality; and expanded integration capabilities. The resulting benefits to our customers, including increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer service, are unmatched in the industry."

"We are running our headquarters and three branch offices with FieldCentrix," said Tracy Singh, president of Mesa Energy Systems in Irvine, CA, an early Version 2.4 installation. "One of the most useful features of this release is the ability for our technicians to create work orders at a job site on their handheld computers. Now information is captured electronically when a new work order is needed in the field, or when a technician is out-of-coverage, so that the technician can start providing service immediately; previously he would have to wait for the dispatcher to send a work order, or else write it on paper."

With 2.4 invoice management tools, customers can electronically handle all of their pre-invoicing and contract billing activities. Pre-invoice schedules can now be created for contracts so that billing is handled automatically. At the same time the system automatically applies the appropriate part markups and labor rates, if any, and allows the billing clerk to create, modify, and delete bill dates or invoice numbers, speeding up the entire process while also ensuring accuracy. Advanced viewing options also make it easy for clerks to manage the job of exporting information to the billing system.

Version 2.4 allows customers to associate costs and revenue with specific departments or branch offices, increasing their ability to understand which offices or departments are most and least profitable.

Tracking leftover parts is easier as they can be automatically associated with a truck. Time sheet features have also been enhanced to allow technicians to easily record multiple cost codes per work order ensuring that labor is allocated properly.

FieldCentrix is based in Irvine, Calif. For more information call 888-552-0101, or visit the company's web site at www.fieldcentrix.com.