The metal roofing industry has matured dramatically in the past 20 years, according to Custom-Bilt's Tony Chiovare. More residential applications are coming, once consumers understand the benefits of a metal roof.
Tony Chiovare, president, Custom-Bilt Metals, noted recently that metal roofing is well accepted in all sectors of the building industry, "although the residential sector still has a long way to go to catch up with industrial, commercial and educational sectors."

While manufacturing, commercial and agricultural applications still account for 80% of the roofing market, "Increasingly we are noticing these days that a significant number of residential architects are specifying the clean, sleek look of standing seam metal roofing. This is especially true in upscale new homes, where metal offers an eye-catching new alternative to traditional materials."

The company recently introduced its "Armor" line of tile and shake panels. This is stone-coated, using real rock colored with a ceramic-pigment 3M-dye that is said to be permanent and non-fading. "This coating," according to the company, "is adhered with baked resin, producing a product that most closely resembles conventional roof shingles in texture."

Many consumers have to be educated on the new possibilities of metal roofing. "For instance," Chiovare said, "far too many homeowners still operate under old misconceptions about 'noisy' metal roofs that 'you can't walk on.' Indeed, the old images of rusty corrugated roofs on rustic old barns are still with us."

As this perception changes, however, "We can expect more and more homeowners will discover the good looks, cost effectiveness and environmental benefits metal roofing can provide to their homes."

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