With the popularity of metal roofing rising, more companies are upgrading their web sites to promote not only their products but the roofing systems themselves. One such site is www.decra.com, operated by California-based Tasman Roofing Products. The site highlights the company's DECRA line of stone-coated steel roofing products.

"We want to provide detailed information that will benefit professionals in the building and roofing specialties," said Bo Hudson, vice-president of sales and marketing for Tasman. "We also want to be certain that homeowners considering our products have all the information they require to make an informed decision."

According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, the demand for metal roofing is expected to reach 400,000 homes annually by 2003. Tasman's web site provides technical specifications, product information, industry news and more directed at all segments of the roofing market. "Our web site offers a wealth of information for anyone considering our products," said Tasman marketing director Natalie Tanner. "We want to address the specific interests of each group within the buying process."

  • Have you visited www.ashrae.org lately? The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) says its site is now quicker and easier to use than ever. Thanks to the new design, pages download quicker and the new search engine means it's also easier to locate information on specific topics.

    ASHRAE is utilizing its web site more, too. All society activities, including meeting schedules and information on educational courses, appear first online. And last year the group announced that public review draft standards would begin appearing online exclusively.

    The Document Download Center now has a simplified search and ordering process. Available for purchase are articles from the ASHRAE Journal, the society's official newsletter, as well as papers from recent meetings and research reports.

  • Roper Whitney now has its own web site. It includes information on the company's bending, beading, notching, punching, rolling and shearing machinery and products. Also featured is technical data, designed to be used as a general reference for metal punching operations. The site also has an online order center for tools. See the site at www.roperwhitney.com.

  • GeneralAire has added a Dealer Locator feature to its web site, www.generalaire.com. Homeowners can simply click on the magnifying glass icon and enter a ZIP code along with other information such as a mile radius. Within seconds, all dealers fitting the customer's profile are listed, including company name, phone and fax. A map is also provided to help customers locate the dealer.

    Also featured on the site is company history, parts information, product literature, installation instructions and product comparisons.

  • A free data logger software demo is the latest addition to the Dickson Co.'s web site at www.dicksonweb.com. The site also now features a shopping cart for online ordering of the company's measuring and recording instruments. Detailed product information and technical support is also now available. Calibration services, literature requests and customer support can now be requested 24 hours a day.

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