Offer your customers a choice of good, better, best.

"There's a rampant belief among dealers that they have to be the low price," says David Taylor, Bryant business development manager in a recent issue of the company's "Partners" newsletter.

Several recent studies of consumer buying habits show that the majority of customers will choose the middle-priced option.

Always offer three choices. Studies, according to Bryant, show that when two choices were offered, 50% of customers chose the lower-priced option. When three choices were offered, 57% chose the middle option. "The customer likes choices," Taylor said.

Present the most expensive (best) offer first. This stretches the range of prices the customer expect to see and makes the middle option appear more reasonable.

Price your middle system with a healthy profit margin. Twenty-two percent of your customers will buy the lowest-priced "good" option, 21% will buy the "best" option, and the majority will gravitate toward the middle.