NEW BERLIN, Wis. - WennSoft has announced the release of WennSoft eCustomer Portal, an Internet application for the service management and build-to-order industries. This is described as "a powerful tool (which) allows a user's customers to place service calls and access their specific account information such as call statuses, equipment histories, contract details, project updates - all via the Internet."

Functioning as either a stand-alone website or an extension of an existing site, eCustomer Portal was developed to enhance the customer service programs of WennSoft's Service Management Series and Advanced Job Cost users. "eCustomer Portal is one of the first products of its kind to be introduced to the field service and construction industries," according to Jim Wenninger, president of WennSoft.

This program, according to Wenninger, aids in developing and maintaining long-term customer relationships.

For privacy and security purposes, each customer is assigned an account, requiring a user ID and PIN to gain access to their specific information. Customers can only view the details in their account, and are not allowed access to other client accounts. In addition, the eCustomer Portal can be customized, displaying only the information companies want available to their customers.

Since eCustomer Portal information is pulled directly from Service Management Series and/or Advanced Job Cost, all information is displayed real-time. Multiple navigational tools, such as menu tabs, drop down lists, back buttons, and navigational paths have been incorporated to make accessing information quick and easy. Eight user-defined "areas" are available in the main window of eCustomer Portal, allowing for the addition of various corporate information, for example training programs, product descriptions, and surveys.

eCustomer Portal consists of five main windows:

Home - The Home window of eCustomer Portal contains the information of eight user-defined areas, plus menus, icons and links to desired information.

Service - Customers can view a list of current, maintenance, and historical service calls in the Service window. From here, customers can see details (description, problem type, resolution, appointments, tasks.) of a specific call by "drilling" into the desired call. More specific information on an appointment or task can also be accessed.

Equipment - In the Equipment window, customers can access a variety of information about their specific equipment, including product specs, manuals, drawings, and service history.

Maintenance - A listing of current maintenance contracts appears in the Maintenance window. Customers can see their contracts including the service call history and other details associated with each contract.

Projects - Customers can view a list of their current and closed jobs. Project details, manuals, drawings, agreements, and other documentation can also be made available.