Hudson, Ink, which publishes "The Sales & Marketing Insider" lends this advice: "Summer energy prices are going to be as shocking as winter" and "Energy savings logic is stronger than ever. If you don't point this out every opportunity you get, you're terribly under-serving your customers."

Telling your customers they'll save money by replacing that old, energy-snuffling dinosaur of a central air conditioner is not only wise, it's good business. But, use caution. "If you're using an 'Energy Savings Guarantee' wherein you offer a dollar or % saved over the previous year, change it right now to an 'Energy Use Guarantee' or you're going to be writing lots of refund checks after summer rates go up."

Use of an energy-driven equipment replacement ad, they note, for Beaudry Heating in Flint, Mich., wound up racking up $247,000 in sales for March, in what is normally considered a slow month.

The company also offers "10 Greatest Hvac Sales Closes," a $59 book written by Jeffrey Lee, Flint, Mich., who says he sells more than $1 million worth of residential systems annually with his techniques. A sample: Customers often will end a sales presentation with "Let me think about it."

Lee advises: "Basically, you alert the customer to an upcoming or obvious change, such as: changing seasons, or a change in pricing, or the immediacy of saving on energy and repairs while getting a boost in property value. Many times I use our scheduling or supply as a 'change' that is out of our control. Then I tell the customer that they can control these things by acting now. They now know that 'thinking about it' as a stall tactic can hurt them. If they're serious, they commit sooner."

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