Copeland compressors now compatible with an environmentally-friendly refrigerant R-134A.

ST. LOUIS - Copeland Screw compressors from Emerson Climate Technologies are now ideal for use with R-134A, an environmentally friendly, nonpolluting refrigerant, according to the company.

The compressors are ideal for commercial air-conditioning applications, such as libraries, schools, office buildings and hospitals. They are also applied in industrial process chillers used in the manufacturing industry.

"The Copeland Screw compressor builds upon Copeland's tradition of providing reliable, efficient compressors for the commercial air-conditioning market," said Bart Powelson, Copeland marketing manager for commercial air conditioning. "This compressor model offers customers high efficiency and reliability, as well as virtually maintenance-free operation. Because Copeland Screw compressors come in a compact, lightweight design, they are ideal for factory-produced cooling units with tight space demands. And now they are optimized for use with both HFC and HCFC refrigerants, these compressor models can help improve the overall performance of a broader range of system equipment."

The new compressor can also increase efficiency while maintaining comparable capacity with standard HCFC units, according to the company.