PowerCold to supply products to Canada and Mexico.

LARGO, Fla. - PowerCold Corp. is expanding its international operations and has signed new sales and distribution agreements for its Nauticon and PlexCoil product lines.

The agreements are with Etha Engineering in Singapore, Ice Kube Systems in Manitoba and Performance Contracting of Monterrey, Mexico.

Etha Engineering will market PowerCold's patented Nauticon evaporative condensers throughout Southeast Asia. According to PowerCold, the condensers are ideal for large buildings that require constant, year-round air conditioning in the region's hot and humid climate.

"We believe that by providing an innovative add-on product like PowerCold Nauticon System to the market, we are fulfilling our mission statement and providing a revolutionary energy savings solution to today's energy-scarce world," said Benjamin Kwek, Etha sales director.

The sales agreement with Ice Kube Systems will allow PowerCold to market the company's hybrid fluid coolers throughout Canada. Ice Kube Systems has used the Nauticon evaporative fluid coolers in skating rinks throughout Canada. The PowerCold partnership will take advantage of the growing market for evaporative fluid coolers fitted with new PlexCoil plastic micro tubing.

Finally, the partnership with Performance Contracting will promote PowerCold's central HVAC system and Nauticon product line to Mexico and Latin America. Performance Contracting provides a full range of HVAC applications including heating, air conditioning, fire systems, humidity control and more.

"One of the most important issues on the international side of the business is the compound annual growth rate for the HVAC industry," said Victor Torres, managing director of Performance Contracting. "Developing countries are growing at a much higher rate than mature countries. The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for the U.S. is 0.5 percent for 2005-2010, where as for Latin America, the rate is 13 percent. A relationship with Performance Contracting and PowerCold would allow for both companies to take full advantage of rapid ongoing growth in the region and actively promote PowerCold's central hotel systems and Nauticon products."