Association announces recent certificate member and certificate member specialist designations.

DES PLAINES, Ill. - The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society awarded certificate member and certificate-member-specialist status to members in February and March.

In order to become a certificate member, an RSES member must first pass an exam which tests knowledge on installing and servicing refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

The following members passed the certificate-member exam: Ashif Kanji, Gary J. Snyder, Norman L. Baughman, Richard E. Robbins, William J. Kuskil, Todd J. Miller, Dwayne A. Cutts, Eric Gottschlich, Garry K. Jiles, David G. Crookes, Mark R. Beiser, Larry Brewer, Scott McClure, David Vappie and Douglas P. Day.

To obtain certificate-member-specialist status, members must first pass the certificate-member exam and then pass one or more of six specialist exams. Specialist exam categories include commercial refrigeration, commercial air conditioning, heating, controls, domestic services and HVACR electrical.

Hal Booth, Tim J. Lloyd, Cecil Raymond Khan, Michael J. Thompson, Joe Marchese and William Matthews earned specialist designations.