Bill Noble of Don Park Inc. shows a new Ultra-Duct flexible duct made by the company, which just recently launched a manufacturing operation for this product. Noble said he feels flex duct is going to be more and more common in the future because of its ease of installation. The company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.
TORONTO - Many new products were seen at the March 21-23 biannual Canadian Mechanicals Exposition (CMX), some of them for the first time while others made their Canadian debuts after being unveiled at the AHR Expo earlier this year in Atlantic City, N.J. Many of them focused on sheet metal ducts, duct products, sheet metal tools and flex duct.

  • Nailor Industries Inc. showed new self-contained electric duct heaters for providing precision heating for proper space control. These heaters can be used as primary heat, preheat, reheat and supplemental heat or auxiliary heat.

  • Thermaduct, a new type of flex duct from the makers of Thermaflex, Flexible Technologies Inc., has a strong polyester film laminated and encapsulating a heavy, corrosion resistant steel wire helix supporting a thick blanket of fiberglass insulation. The outer vapor barrier is a jacket of durable black polyethylene.

Z-Flex showed a new snap-together Z-Vent that has its own built-in gasket and requires no sealant, available in sizes from 3-12-in.

cekocomfort is not a single product, but a family of products being developed and marketed with the backing of the Government of Canada. Through the Climate Change Action Fund, products will be developed and marketed that share water and space heating requirements with clean air and increased efficiencies. A spokesperson called it "A big step in the evolution of home comfort products," adding, "It's good for the consumer, good for the environment." Why not ecocomfort? That name was already taken by a golf shoe manufacturer, said a spokesperson.