In the late 1950's John H. Leavey was asked to develop a pilot cleaning pressure pump to be used by gas servicemen in the Syracuse, N.Y. area. The present pump (AK114) was developed by him and marketed in 1956. From this inauspicious beginning came the John H. Leavey Manufacturing, Inc. (JHL), which grew steadily until his death in 1971, at which time his daughter and son-in-law acquired the business and continued to operate it.

Today, his grandson, Thomas J. Sciacca, runs the business and in 1996, launched a web site. This past year, JHL purchased and, the result of customer requests for easier ways to find and buy service tools on the World Wide Web. The website offers a tool giveaway each month. Last month's featured product was an EM100A digital manometer, an $86.95 value.

The site also offers some textbooks and training materials, and its own message board where you can post a question or a problem, or scroll through a list for a quick update on service practices and solutions.