RSES members and chapters recognized for contributions to the refrigeration industry.

DES PLAINES, Ill. - The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society honored its members and chapters during its 67th annual conference, Sept. 30 in Calgary, Alberta.

RSES presented the Paul B. Reed Award to the RSES chapters with exceptional educational programs. The winners were the Southern Arizona Chapter in Tucson, Ariz., the Yosemite Chapter in Modesto, Calif., and the Greater Toledo Chapter in Toledo, Ohio.

The John Spence Award, which recognizes the RSES member with the highest achievement on the certificate member exam in the last year was given to Dave A. Schmidt of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter.

RSES certificate members with the highest grade on the specialist examination were presented with the Imperial Award. Winners included: Sidney T. Bloomfield, Richard Hoke, D. Brian Baker and George W. Hicks.

The To Make Life Worthwhile Award, which recognizes individuals and groups who provide nonsectarian, nonpolitical community services, went to Frances Nix-Morris of the Oklahoma City Auxiliary and to the Midwest Region 9 Auxiliary.