Curt Boyd, Academy Roofing, president of the Colorado Roofing Association (CRA) said, “Our country is built on a solid foundation and that did not change when those planes plowed into the World Trade Center. The least we can do for our fellow countrymen who were injured or killed in this terrible tragedy is to get back to business. We will never forget what happened, but I think it’s important we show the terrorists and the rest of the world that while we may have bent, we did not break on September 11, 2001.” CRA’s newsletter contained an article on why many small roofers aren’t making money, tracing the problem to poor bid practices and low pricing rather than to the national economy.

In an “Industry Update,” the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) reported in October on the climate of the residential market. The results were mixed: “For some,” according to NADCA, “business was better than ever. Others were tightening their belts and waiting for the eventual turning of the tide.” One Michigan duct cleaner said business was still strong, speculating that many homeowners chose slower economic times to spruce up their homes. Another reported having a “phenomenal” year in Connecticut. But one said, “Business is definitely way down from last year” and another said business for his firm has probably decreased from 15-20%.