• Spiral-Helix Inc. has added the Stitchwelder Lite to its Magnum and Magnum Plus line of stitch welders. The Stitchwelder Lite produces an airtight, sturdy seam using only 30 KvA of welding power. The machine is capable of welding 16 ft. per minute. It welds up to 0.31-in. thick material with a diameter range of four to 36 in. A recyclable copper wire electrode will not burn galvanizing, so there is no need to seal or paint the finished material. It welds with a 1/4-in. overlap, so material costs are minimized.

    For more information, contact Spiral-Helix Inc., 999 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089; 847-537-3410; fax 847-537-2343.

  • Missouri-based Lion Machinery Inc. recently introduced two new patent-pending metal forming machinery lines. According to company officials, Lion?s A+ pneumatic open throat cleat benders were designed to speed the cleat bending process, minimizing labor and material costs. The 24-in. bender costs $4999 and the 30-in. model is $5,499.

    The company has also brought back Lion?s pneumatic cheek bender, but this time the machine features a bench mount design. The cheek bender forms a true 90∞ bend on up to 20 ga., 24-in. mild steel. Material remains flat during the bending cycle and is automatically released. The open throated machine is priced at $2,999.

    For details, contact Lion Machinery Inc. at 800-782-6648; fax 636-257-8554; www.lionmachinery.com.

  • Plasma Automation Inc. has added the Vicon DL8000 Hvac Sheet Metal/Duct Liner Combination System to its product line up. The DL8000 cuts sheet metal and duct liner on the same 5-ft. x 20-ft. table. Enter your job into the Vicon Hvac Cutting Software, and the system creates two distinct geometries: one for the sheet metal and another for the duct liner. A ?Super-Nest? feature uses every available inch of space, minimizing waste.

    Write to Plasma Automation Inc., 307 E. Old Country Road, Hicksville, NY 11801; or call 516-822-7067; fax 516-933-0256; www.plasma-automation.com on the Internet.

  • Flagler Corp. of Chesterfield, Mich. now has a Short Parts Feeder for 20 ga. High Speed Pittsburghs. The Feeder gives sheet metal shops the flexibility of producing rectangular ductwork and fittings on the same machine. The Feeder attachment allows shops to produce fittings at 100 fpm, matching the output of the Pittsburgh, according to company President Harley Flagler.

    Contact Flagler Corp. at 56513 Precision Drive, Chesterfield, MI 48051; 810-749-6300; fax 810-749-6363; www.flaglercorp.com.

At January?s ASHRAE Winter Meeting/AHR Expo in Atlantic City, N.J., Norlok Technology Inc. was showing the Sure-Lok FMDSL18 press. Company officials say the Sure-Lok will fasten two pieces of pre-painted or pre-coated mild steel, aluminum, galvanized or cold-rolled materials without heat, fumes, rivets, or damage to the material surface. The FMDSL18 also has a safety device that will stop the machine from punching a finger if it is inadvertently placed too close to the platform.

Norlok Technology Inc., 26 Adams Blvd., Brantford, Ontario, Canada N3S 7V2, www.norlok.com