Eleven new work lights have been added to this company's line of Luma-Site halogen lighting products. Available in Standard, Premium and Professional series, all are suited to a wide range of needs. The Standard models, all in high-visibility yellow, are available in 500-watt single light, 500 watt single light with dual base tripod and a 1,000-watt twin head with tripod. All lights have tempered glass lenses, safety wire grills, durable guards and push on/off switches. The three Premium models, a 500-watt single, a 500-watt single with industrial clamp and a 1,000-watt twin head with tripod all feature extra bulb storage and solid frames. The light with the clamp comes in silver while the other two models are orange. The five Professional models all come in "OSHA safety green." They include a 500-watt "Roll cage" work light, 500/1,000-watt double bulb, two level 500/1,000-watt double bulb with telescoping capabilities, 1,000-watt four-head with tripod and GFCI and a 2,000-watt four head with tripod. Professional units have tripod bases made from die-cast steel, foam grip handles and adjustable extension legs.

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