MORTON GROVE, Ill. - Human remains encased in concrete and hidden in a roof system of a restaurant here were discovered by Nelson Roofing Co., it was reported by the National Roofing Contractors Association.

While workers from the Chicgao-area company were repairing a leak above the kitchen of El Sol, a Mexican restaurant, they noticed a section of misaligned shingles. They removed the shingles and a piece of plywood and found several plastic containers filled with concrete, sealed with duct tape and covered with a plastic sheet in a 3-foot space.

"The area was hidden pretty well. Somebody had to know that space was there," said Warner Nelson, president of Nelson Roofing Co., an NRCA member.

Nelson tossed one of the containers off the roof. When it landed, the container and concrete inside broke open and a clenched fist was revealed.

"As soon as I saw the hand, I called police. In 105 years of our history, that is a topper," Nelson said.

After further examination, body parts were discovered in cement-filled containers found in the roof system. The Cook County medical examiner determined the body belonged to a man who was shot in the back of the neck.

Enrico Silva, the previous owner of a restaurant at that location, disappeared in August 1998. He was last seen closing the restaurant. Police suspected foul play and had searched the restaurant for clues. An autopsy should determine whether the body is Silva's.