Bristol-line of compressors now used in York units.

BRISTOL, Va. - York, Coleman and Luxaire air-conditioning units now use Benchmark-brand compressors from Bristol Compressors. The Benchmark product was applied in two- through 5-ton systems for the newest premium air conditioning and heat pump units though the York Unitary Products Group.

The compressors were recently introduced in York Affinity Series units as well as York UPG's Coleman Echelon and Luxaire Acclimate product lines.

"We were looking for high-efficiency compressors to enhance reliability and contribute to the quiet operation of these newly designed units," said Tom Huntington, president of York UPG. "The new Benchmark compressors fit our needs perfectly as we are always looking for components that offer the highest performance."

Benchmark units include scrolls and reciprocating compressors designed specifically for cooling needs, according to company officials.