Executive Plumbing Inc. opens new facilities in Oceanside and Palm Springs, Calif.

CORONA, Calif. - Executive Plumbing Inc. opened new locations in Oceanside and Palm Springs, Calif.

The Palm Springs location is approximately 5,000 square feet and employs 80 people.

"The motivation behind opening this new location is two-fold," said Cecil Hallinan, president of Executive Plumbing. "First, Executive wanted to take advantage of the booming housing developments in the Coachella Valley; and second, we want to maintain close business relationships with - and provide service to - our current clients who are opening new subdivisions in the area."

Executive's San Diego division has moved form a leased 4,000-square-foot facility to an owned 19,000-square-foot facility in Oceanside.

"This new location is large enough to accommodate the fabrication operation, which in the past was performed at our headquarters in Corona," said Tony Manriquez, regional vice president.

There are approximately 120 employees working in this new location.