ASHRAE announced funding for new IAQ, comfort, and health research at its annual meeting in Honolulu.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers announced funding for new research at its annual meeting in Honolulu. Five projects in the areas of energy conservation, IAQ, comfort and health, and fire and safety will be funded for a total of $651,156.

Among them is 1243-TRP, "Detection and Removal of Gaseous Effluents and By-Products of Fungal Growth That Affect Environments - Phase II: Development of a mVOC Database." The 18-month project's principal investigators are from Air Quality Sciences Inc., Marietta, Ga.

MVOC is a chemical created by mold that has a musty odor. The study wants to create a database that identifies predominant mVOCs associated with poor IAQ in problem buildings. Then it will look for unique "indicator" mVOCs that point to microbial growth, in order to supplement conventional bio-aerosol sampling techniques.

ASHRAE also announced it has begun work on its Guideline 24P, "Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings." It is to be the companion guideline to proposed Standard 62.2P.

The guideline's review period closed Aug. 25. Comments are being considered and work will proceed on the writing.

Committee chairman Max Sherman said the guideline would include state-of-the-art information dropped from the proposed standard in order to reach a consensus.