A new Document Imaging capability for Dexter + Chaney's "Forefront" Construction Management Software addresses what the company calls "a painful problem for plumbing, mechanical and hvacr contractors: the paperwork nightmare of locating, using and subsequently refiling documents."

Once those paper documents (vendor invoices, time cards, contracts, customer billings, etc.) are located, that's typically only the start of a process that includes photocopying or faxing before they're ultimately refiled. But with Forefront Document Imaging, wherever a user looks in Forefront to find a transaction, they'll also find the original document - without ever leaving their desk. Information stored electronically in Forefront is available at the touch of a computer key for instant retrieval and usage.

Document Imaging is fully integrated with the contractor's accounting in Forefront. Documents also are easier to share because they can be viewed on the screen and then e-mailed or faxed (without printing) to anyone who requests a copy.

MacDonald-Miller Co. Inc., a Seattle-based contractor, says "We're able to share human-resource file information for hundreds of current and former employees between multiple offices instantly without making a single photocopy or faxing a single item."

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