Emerson Motors now offers information about its line of hvac replacement motors online. At www.emersonmotors.com, contractors, wholesalers and building managers can browse the company's offerings and use the site to help select the right replacement component.

By clicking on the word "Products" from the home page and selecting "Hvac Replacement Motors" under the "Fractional Horsepower" heading, visitors can view Emerson's hvac fractional horsepower replacement motors online. The site also has a cross reference section to aid in the selection process. It shows oem parts numbers, stock motor listings for reference purposes and more. Basic information about hvac motors is also included.

"With this new section, we created an area on the Emerson Motors site that gives our wholesalers and hvac contractors all the tools they need to specify our replacement motors," said Dick Schul, Emerson Motors Group vice president. "Not only can they access the information quickly, but they can access it from anywhere in the world, any time of day. The navigation is simple and clean, making the information so easy to find."

Visit www.emersonmotors.com.

  • Air Handling Systems has released the newest version of its online CAD program, "Duct Design." According to company officials, the program is designed to help design your entire dust collection system online. Visitors can lay out their shop floor plan, including dust collectors, machinery and piping. The program will automatically estimate the cfm and static pressure and then create a parts list based on the figures.

    "We want to provide all the information possible in every possible way to suit the many needs of our customers," said Jamison Scott, Air Handling Systems' director of marketing.

    To try out the program, go to www.airhand.com.

  • Curveline Inc. recently added a comprehensive photo gallery of the company's curved panel projects and sketch drawings to give architects design ideas for curved metal roofs, mansards, fascias, canopies and more. The web site also includes information about Curveline's newest product: curved, perforated panels. Manufacturing sources are also listed on the site.

    See the web site at www.met-tile.com/curveline.

  • Another architectural products manufacturer, ChemLink Inc., is offering a "Contractor Training Center" at its web site, www.chemlinkinc.com. It was created to show roofing contractors the cost benefits of replacing traditional pitch pans with the ChemCurb roof penetration system. The web site has the company's complete product line and provides step by step installation instructions. A roof repair and maintenance guide is also included.

  • SMACNA (The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association) has launched a web site commemorating the 2002 SMACNA/SMWIA Labor-Management Partnership Conference, held last March at Walt Disney World. The web site gives visitors an overview of some of the key speakers and provides background information about the partnership. Visitors also have the ability to search for qualified SMACNA contractors in their areas. Future plans include posting training information and marketing plans on the site.

    Go to www.sheetmetalpartners.org.

  • The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) now has an online Merchandise Store that makes the purchase of RSES products quicker and easier. The store offers a wide variety of RSES shirts, patches, belt buckles, coffee mugs and more, all with the RSES logo. The site includes a picture and product description of most items.

    To see for yourself, go to www.rses.org and click on "Visit the Brand New RSES Merchandise Store" icon on the left side of the screen.