Michael McConnell
The Lincoln Electric Co. has launched a web site dedicated to the James F. Lincoln Welding Foundation, Lincoln's institution for educating the public about the art and science of arc welding.

Www.weldinginnovation.org offers textbooks, educational aids and videos for sale.Technical articles from various sources are reprinted and offerd free of charge. Information is also included online about the many scholarship programs and contests the foundation sponsors annually.

"With the unveiling of www.weldinginnovation.org, we can now offer individuals easy access to detailed reference materials, as well as immediate answers to their welding questions," said Scott Funderburk, secretary of the foundation.

  • Reflective insulation products manufacturer Reflectix Inc. recently redesigned its web site. The site now offers up to date product information, more color photographs, illustrations and answers to frequently asked questions. "We were looking for a more informative, all encompassing web site to better inform targeted audiences on our products and services," said Lisa Coverdale, Reflectix marketing director. "Browsing (the site), you'll find everything needed for the retailer, contractor, original equipment manufacturer and end consumer to complete most insulating projects."

    To see for yourself, go to www.reflectixinc.com.

  • Metal-Fab Inc. has introduced a web site to promote its new SureLock' B-Vent locking system. The interactive web site contains an installation demonstration video, descriptive information and a downloadable full color brochure.

    Go to www.surelockonline.com.

  • Ever wonder how your earnings stack up against other contractors in your area? BuildingTeam.com has created a database for members that lets contractors, architects and engineers check the prevailing wage rates in their community. Go to www.buildingteam.com, create an account and follow the links.

  • Want to know more about the many applications for copper? To find out why this metal has been a favorite of roofers, plumbers, architects and artists for hundreds of years, visit The Copper Page at www.copper.org. This comprehensive web site includes information copper's energy efficiency, history, environmental impact, quality and much, much more.

  • Glenn Haege, also known as America's Master Handyman, is a popular Detroit-based author, radio show host and syndicated newspaper columnist. His advice is often helpful to the professional and do-it-yourselfer. Haege's web site, www.masterhandyman.com, offers consumers advice on purchasing an air-conditioning system, selecting a qualified contractor and much more. Check it out. It may be something to consider recommending to your customers for background information or may be of use for a project around your own house.

Thermaflex has a new web site promoting its new FlexFlow Elbow, a product that company officials say was designed to "maximize efficiency in flexible duct installations." The site includes background information, animation, sample specifications and more. Go to www.flexflowelbow.com.