ST. LOUIS - A recent study by a national laboratory praised the performance of Unico Inc.'s high-velocity cooling system, company officials announced. Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducted a test study to assess and compare conventional and high-velocity distribution systems. The study evaluated the comfort levels of both systems using field measurements taken in a designed test space. ORNL programs are supervised by the U.S. Department of Energy. Unico said ORNL independently selected their product to represent high-velocity systems. Study results concluded that the high-velocity distribution system offers better comfort as a result of lower amounts of temperature stratification, Unico officials said. The study also confirmed that the Unico System, which delivers colder air, lowers the relative humidity better than a conventional system, they added. "We have been talking for years about how the high-velocity system removes 30% more moisture in the air than conventional systems," said Craig Messmer, director of engineering for Unico. Both of the tested systems maintained comfortable conditions in the home, according to Unico, but the high-velocity system yielded higher comfort percentages. Conventional distribution systems operate at 500 to 600 feet per minute, which is significantly lower than the high-velocity system that runs up to 2,000 feet per minute.