Where is interest in radiant heating the hottest? New York state, by far, according to a recent survey of members and inquiries by the Radiant Panel Association (RPA).

According to the RPA, "Over half of all inquiries come from the northeastern quarter of the country." Almost 57% of RPA members reside in this part of the country.

As a percent of total inquiries on hydronic heating, New York ranks first, with 9.6%. Second is California, at 7.6%. Third is Illinois at 7.2%, followed by Pennsylvania and Michigan. As for rank by membership, New York is also first in this category, with 10% of all RPA members. Michigan is second, at 7.6%. California and Colorado are third, tied at 6.8%, followed by Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Which ranks last? Warm weather state Hawaii, of course. No interest there at all.

"The good news," says RPA, "seems to be that interest in radiant technology is growing at a fairly steady pace all across North America. Some of the old hot spots, such as Colorado, Utah and New Mexico seem to be giving up a little of their leadership in the growth as other areas of the country begin to pick up speed."