Customers who purchase a portable roll-former from MetalForming now have access to five of MBCI's panels.

Customers who purchase a Schlebach Quadro FLX portable roll-former from MetalForming Inc. will also now have access to five of metal-roofing manufacturer MBCI's most popular panels.

MBCI and MetalForming announced a licensing agreement that will allow contractors to make and sell up to five of MBCI's panels, give them access to company test results and allow them to purchase coils and accessories, and offer warranties. It is MBCI's first agreement with a portable roll-former manufacturer.

"Our concern in the past has always been quality issues when considering on-site roll-forming equipment," said MBCI Executive Vice President Wayne Dickinson. "In the past we did not believe the hardware technology was available to accomplish this with on-site roll-formers."

Licenses will be available for SSR vertical leg panels of BattenLok, Curved BattenLok, LokSeam and SuperLok. Licenses for the small- and high-batten versions of the Craftsman series will also be offered