MINNEAPOLIS - Honeywell Building Control Solutions has launched a new designation for contractors: authorized control integrator (ACI).

According to the company, this is the highest contractor designation offered through the Honeywell Building Control Solutions' distribution channel, and it is based on a contractor's level of expertise, training, and experience with building sizes and complexities.

Some Honeywell contractors already have the ACI designation, and Honeywell is looking to qualify others in the U.S. The primary focus for these contractors is to sell and service Honeywell's "Excel 5000" open system, which features distributed control products that are open, and "SymmetrE," a new workstation providing integration of Honeywell and third-party hvac systems.

"We're looking for firms with advanced technical expertise in large hvac installations and with a strong application engineering staff," said David Willett, vice president of Honeywell's Building Control Solutions division. "Other important factors include the ability to manage complex projects and LAN/Internet expertise."

Honeywell provides ACI contractors with initial training and on-going technical support, and conducts periodic quality audits.

Contractors interest in determining whether they would qualify for ACI status can call (763) 954-6979.