According to a newly released report, the European market for radiators continues its steady climb with sharp increases for decorative radiators and towel rails. France and the United Kingdom are the fastest growing markets

BSRIA's study, "The European Market for Radiators and Other Wet Heat Emitters," was published in September 2000 in five volumes covering separately: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K., along with an overview report. The report is more than 360 pages and contains 400 tables.

According to the report, the steel panel market is still the completely dominant product type, with sales of some 18.7 million units across Europe. In addition, there is a further three million units of flat-fronted products sold in Germany which they regard as part of the steel panel market. (Elsewhere flat-fronted is a niche market.) Across both types, 64% of sales are now for compact radiators (prefitted top grille and end panels). Even in the U.K., they are now more than one-third of the market. In Germany, the majority of compact radiators have an integral valve and this market is said to be increasing dramatically.

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