Right-Radiant Plus software honored by ASHRAE judges.

LEXINGTON, Mass. - For a second consecutive year, HVAC software manufacturer Wrightsoft has earned an AHR Expo Innovation Award.

This year's winning module, Right-Radiant Plus, was selected by a panel of six judges appointed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The software was recognized for its ability to produce automatic loop drawings coupled with calculations in a single application. The program updates drawings and calculations based on any changes made within the program.

"The purpose of offering this special recognition is to encourage the development of creative and useful HVACR products, and we are proud to recognize Wrightsoft's superior achievement in this regard," said Clay Stevens, president of the International Exposition Co., which manages the event.

According to Chris Edgren, Wrightsoft's vice president of sales, Right-Radiant Plus allows contractors to create designs easier and faster with more accuracy.

"This represents a major advance for the HVAC professional," he said. "Right-Radiant Plus will allow contractors to vastly reduce drawing time, produce accurate CAD-quality loop designs complete with an automatically generated bill of materials and sales proposals, while eliminating the need for other products, such as AutoCAD."