The "Train the Trainer" program offered by NAIMA takes the mystery out of ductboard.
Fiber glass duct board products are ideal for residential and light commercial buildings, offering outstanding thermal and acoustical performance with very low leakage. Today's products have enhanced performance surfaces to make fabrication easier, along with installation and duct cleaning later on.

Not exactly a new product, it's no surprise that a recent survey of 104 vocational instructors performed by Alabama Power & Light found that 99 respondents were already familiar with duct board hvac products.

However, the same survey found that 75% did not include fiber glass duct board systems in their current curriculum. Why? Top reason was: didn't know enough about the product. Other reasons: don't have the space, tools, equipment to incorporate this type of training; and reliance on sheet metal duct, not ductboard, in the surrounding local area.

If duct board is so well known, why is it still a mystery?

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) wants to take the mystery out of fabrication and installation. As a result, it has come up with a new "Train the Trainer" program. Designed to train individuals responsible for training hvac mechanics and technicians, the ultimate goal is "to have fiber glass construction become one of the basic building blocks in typical hvac technician courses."

According to NAIMA, "Attendees will be instructed on how to teach the basics of fiber glass duct construction to their students. These newly trained 'trainers' will be asked to incorporate the program's materials into their standard curriculum. Through this training, hvac technicians will learn the importance of fabricating and installing fiber glass duct systems correctly to achieve efficient air distribution."

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