CuproBraze technology is now being examined for stationary heat-exchanger applications such as hvac equipment.

CuproBraze technology, in which a heat exchanger can be completely brazed in one pass through the furnace, is now being examined for stationary heat-exchanger applications, such as hvac equipment. It was originally developed for use in vehicular heat transfer applications, such as automobile and truck radiators.

According to the International Copper Association, the CuproBraze technology allows brass tubes and copper fins to be fabricated into a strong unit with high durability and excellent heat transfer characteristics.

The technology consists of anneal-resistant brass-tube and copper-fin alloys as well as a filler material for use in the brazing process. The anneal-resistant alloys can withstand a brazing temperature of 600¿C without a substantial loss in strength. The bond formed by brazing is much stronger than conventional bonds formed by soldering at lower temperatures or mechanical bonding.