Dectron Inc. was chosen to supply the rather unusual needs for a commercial fish drying operation in Gaspe, Que., Canada.

For years, codfish exported throughout the world have been dried there naturally by sunlight. Today, Lelievre, Lelievre & Lemoignan (LLL) uses two custom-manufactured DF-60 “Dry-O-Tron”dehumidifiers made by Dectron Internationale, Roswell, Ga.

The dehumidifiers, which are modifications of the company’s DA Series, supply dry air to racks of fresh cod in dual custom-fabricated sheet metal drying tunnels inside LLL’s 100,000-sq.-ft. headquarters over a 32 to 36 hour period. The 6X6X40 foot long tunnels, air distribution design, and equipment specification was handled by mechanical designer Jean-Guy Ferland, partner at Le Groupe Prodapec Inc.

“We’re fulfilling orders more accurately than we ever have in our 20-year history because we can now depend on the product drying and being ready on a predetermined date,” said Rock Lelievre, president of LLL. “The addition of state-of-the-art dehumidification equipment has improved our bottom line.”

The project was a bargain for LLL because its maintenance department provided the labor to install what resembled a kit of tunnels, ductwork and Dectron equipment that Ferland designed and supplied.