Weber Metals Inc., Libertyville, Ill., is a manufacturing company focused on the fabrication and distribution of sheet metal to the architectural and industrial markets. It recently expanded its production capabilities with the purchase of a 10-foot Roper Whitney Advanced CNC Ultrafold Forming System. The Ultrafold-I combined automated bending of angles up to 1358, material clamping, and material support into a single CNC-controlled system employing wing bending techniques up to 9 gage steel with an accuracy of plus/minus .004 inches.

Weber Metals began in 1987 as a company focused upon the roofing and construction industries. It has expanded in that time from a 2,000-sq.-ft. facility to its present 10,000-sq.-ft., where it additionally serves the electrical, conveyor, soundproofing, elevator fixture and other manufacturing businesses. Weber Metals has diversified its capabilities in the past three years with the purchase of a Nisshinbo HTP-1000 CNC Turret Punch Press which utilizes Wilson Wheel vertical wheel cutting and rolling technology. Contour shearing and rib rolling up to 2,000 inches per minute has allowed Weber to increase sales by 20% each year for the past six years.

Its national distribution capabilities include such products as copper, stainless, aluminum and cold rolled steel sheet goods, sheet lead products, solder and soldering products, steel, stainless and copper nail products.