Lennox backs sheet metal and HVAC research endeavors.

Lennox Industries hosted and funded the New Horizons Foundation Summit Challenge Council meeting Feb. 16-17 in Richardson, Texas.

Lennox is a regent-level partner with the foundation.

"The research commissioned by the New Horizons Foundation is shaping the way that sheet metal and HVAC contractors will be prepared for tomorrow's business," said Harry Bizios, Lennox Industries vice president and general manager. "We believe firmly that the New Horizons Foundation's work is critical to the growth and development of this industry and we offer our wholehearted support for the Summit Challenge campaign."

The council meets periodically to set the foundation's program agenda and to monitor the progress of research projects.

"We bring together the best minds in the business and our industry partners," said foundation Chairman George "Butch" Welsch. "Our council members have each made a strong financial commitment to the success of our industry. With manufacturing partners at the table with us, we can be sure that we are taking a far-reaching, creative look at what our industry needs to thrive. It is my hope that all of our industry partners will become actively and financially involved with New Horizons."

To date, the foundation has completed eight research projects and has an additional six in progress.

"Our company has agreed to provide significant levels of funding not only to produce research findings as they come on line but also to bring the council together for serious discussion about the future of the construction industry, particularly as it impacts the HVAC and sheet metal industry and Lennox," said Bizios.