Members of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society earn certifications.

DES PLAINES, Ill. - The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society has awarded its certificate member and certificate member specialist designations for October. In order to become a certificate member, an RSES member must pass an exam that tests their knowledge on the installation and service of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

The following RSES members have earned certificate-member status: Yves Berthiaume, David L. Beauchesne, David E. Dunn, Pierre Levesque, Jerry E. Meyer, R. Jack Riches, Brendan J. Ward and Kent W. Randall.

To obtain certificate-member specialist status, members must first pass the certificate-member exam. Specialist status can be earned in one or more areas, including commercial refrigeration, commercial air conditioning, heating, controls, domestic service and HVACR electrical.

The following members recently earned specialist status: Tim J. Llody, Jason R. Burton, Sidney T. Bloomfield, Glen S. Gulevich, Dale M. Olson, Dennis Wudrich, Gus R. Yepiz, Donald E. Baker, Todd Brown, Ratib E. Baker, Richard B. Estes, Rich Hoke, Mark D. Pross and Chad Davis.