Tube-cutting tools are offered for a variety of uses. The line includes midget cutters, enclosed-feed cutters, screw-feed cutters, quick-acting cutters, plastic-pipe cutters, internal-tubing cutters and cutter wheels. The five midget-tubing cutters are designed to cut pipe and tubing made of hard and soft copper, aluminum, brass and plastic. The six cutters are designed to cut copper, brass and aluminum, as well as thin-wall conduit. The company offers eight models of screw-feed cutters, six of which are rated for copper, brass, aluminum and thin-wall conduit, and include a fold-away reamer. The eleven quick-acting tubing cutters feature hardened wear surfaces and thrust-bearing slide assemblies for smooth operation. Plastic pipe cutters make quick, clean cuts through plastic pipe and tubing. The five internal tubing cutters are designed for trimming tubing below floor level and above the ceiling.

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