MILWAUKEE — The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) honored the following individuals at its annual Awards Luncheon in October at the 64th annual conference held here.

The Paul B. Reed Award recognizes RSES chapters with exceptional educational programs. 2001 winners include: First State Chapter, Wilmington, Del.; Western Colorado Chapter, Grand Junction, Colo.; and Greater Toledo Chapter, Toledo, Ohio.

Michael Siemieniec, CM, Greater Chicago Chapter, received the John Spence Award, recognizing the highest grade within the past year on the Certificate Member exam.

Winners of the Imperial Award, recognizing members with the highest grade on a specialist exam, included: Lorne Lowry, Canadian Capital Chapter, Ottawa; Richard Dechant, Greater Pittsburgh chapter; Fredrick Rieckens, Old Gold Chapter, Iowa City; Dave Clark, Gateway Chapter, Edmonton, Alba.

The To Make Life Worthwhile Award recognizes individuals and groups who provide nonsectarian, nonpolitical community service. The winner at the chapter level was the Red Bud Chapter. At the regional level the winner was the Midwest Association.