PALM BEACH, Fla. - Seven industry leaders were recognized with special awards by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute at its 50th annual meeting.

Outgoing ARI Chairman Thomas E. Bettcher presented the 2003 Richard C. Schulze Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the industry to Glenn C. Hourahan, David J. Huntley and Arden Munson.

Hourahan received a 2003 Schulze Distinguished Service Award for his commitment to ARI and the Air Conditioning Refrigeration Technology Institute's 21st Century Research Initiative.

Hourahan is vice president of research and technology for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Prior to joining ACCA in 2002, Hourahan served at ARI for more than 11 years.

Huntley, president of Mammoth Inc., served as chairman of ARI's Large Tonnage Liquid Chiller Product Section, Water Source Heat Pump Subsection and Unitary Large Product Section. He currently serves as chairman of ARI's Communications Committee.

Munson, from Hussman Corp., was honored for his role in the development of electrical safety codes. Munson served as chairman of the ARI Committee on Electrical Standardization and contributed to the General Standards Committee and Government Affairs Committee.

James R. Bard and William E. Dalton were presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Mark S. Menzer and Gerald Groff were recognized with Special Recognition Awards for their commitment to the International Institute of Refrigeration's 2003 International Congress of Refrigeration.