Commercial rooftop hvac manufacturer Aaon Inc. recently announced that it would use Copeland Scroll compressors inside its entire line of commercial air conditioning products.

"Copeland Corp. has always provided Aaon with dependable, consistent support and service," said Norman Asbjornson, president of Aaon. "Our experience with Copeland Scroll compressors has demonstrated exceptional reliability to our customers while ensuring that Aaon products meet today's requirements for quiet, energy efficient air conditioning. Customers expect the best value from Aaon and Copeland provides the best value to Aaon with its scroll technology."

Aaon was listed in the top 40 of both Forbes' "200 Best Small Companies" and Business Week's 100 "Hot Growth Companies" for 2001. Fortune Small Business has also listed Aaon in "America's Fastest-Growing Small Companies" for both 2001 and 2002.

Copeland Corp. officials estimate more than 30 million Copeland Scroll compressors have been installed in residential and commercial air conditioning systems worldwide. Copeland Corp. is part of the Climate Technologies division of Emerson Motor Co.