ASHRAE aims to keep members more up to date by publishing addenda in supplements.

ATLANTA - As part of ongoing efforts to increase the use of its standards, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers has decided to make addenda to code standards available in a supplement.

In the past, addenda for code-related standards on continuous maintenance were posted individually at the ASHRAE Web site after being approved by the board of directors for publication. Now, board-approved addenda will be published in supplements. The supplements for each standard will be published on a regular schedule between the three-year publication of each standard.

The addenda also will be incorporated into each standard when it is reissued after its last publication.

"Our whole approach to how we relate to the building code industry is changing," said Richard Hermans, chairman of ASHRAE's standards committee. "We are seeking more involvement with the model-code development community to assist us in our code proposals. We are responding to member concerns over the cost of keeping up with our code-intended standards. By cost, I am not referring to the dollars spent for obtaining the updated documents but rather the cost in time to train employees about the new requirements contained in the addenda."