Jeff Pitcairn, Z-Flex Inc., shows the new self-sealing Z-Vent III, which connects one end to a heating appliance and the other to a chimney. It already has silicone gaskets in place, requiring no cement or cleanup time.
U-Nova Hose & Duct Group, Richmond Hill, Ont., Canada, has reported revenues of $54 million for the fiscal year ended January 2001 - a 45% increase over the previous year - from worldwide sales of venting, ducting and industrial hose products.

U-Nova's 11 North American locations manufacture and market flexible hose and ducting for industrial and commercial applications in construction, mining, residential venting, etc. The company's first unit was Flexmaster for flexible ducting/hose in hvac applications. Other divisions today are Z-Flex, Uni-Chemhose, U-Nova Hose, U-Nova Plastics, Techose, and Lawrence.