Scott J. Boxer, president of Lennox Industries Inc. recently celebrated with the Dave Lennox Award winners in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The company's direct-to-dealer business includes more than 7,000 dealers.

This group picture of 51, including Lennox International Chairman John W. Norris, Bob Tibbetts, Dave Lennox and Tom and Sue Shannon of Randazzo Sheet Metal, is made available as a courtesy by Lennox and Snips, though both would forgive readers who cannot see all faces.

Congratulations to the dealers Lennox calls "the best of the best." They include in the Great Lakes region: Hoff Heating & Cooling, O'Fallon, Mo.; Scott-Lee Heating Co., Fenton Mo.; Welsch Heating & Cooling, St. Louis; and Randazzo Sheet Metal, Washington, Mich.

In the North Central region: A-1 United Heating & AC, Omaha, Neb.; Midwest Heating & AC, Kansas City, Mo.; Neal Harris Heating & AC, Kansas City; and Shawnee Heating & Cooling, Lenexa, Kan.

In the Northeast and Southeast regions: Reiner and Co., Fair Lawn, N.J.; Air Systems of Florida, Jacksonville, Fla., Carden Heating & AC, Kennesaw, Ga.; Del-Air Heating AC & Refrigeration, Longwood, Fla.; Prudential Heating & AC, Louisville, Ky.; Shumate Mechanical, Duluth, Ga.

Garland, Texas; Alpine Air, Houston; Breeze AC, Palm Desert, Calif.; Donald P. Dick AC, Fresno, Calif.; Frymire Engineering Co., Dallas; Lochridge Priest Inc., Waco, Texas; Rancho Air, Ranch Cucamonga, Calif.; Strand Brothers, Austin, Texas; Westpac AC, Corona Calif.; and Wood Air Conditioning, Mount Pleasant, Texas.