WAYNE, N.J. - Bonland Industries Inc. said its experience-modification rating has been lowered to a new company record of 0.383, making it one of the safest specialty contractors in New Jersey.

The rating is an indication of the company's accident rating within the sheet-metal industry.

Bonland company officials said it has always emphasized safety, since it was established more than 40 years ago. "No excuses" has been the company's motto since the late 1980s and this continued into the early 1990s, when co-owners Andy and Bill Boniface purchased the company.

A safety committee was formed, daily safety meetings were started for all crews on all projects, safety-bonus programs were implemented and safety awareness was encouraged for all Bonland employees.

In 1998, Bonland instituted a "zero-accidents" goal.

"We are all responsible for the safety of ourselves as well as each other," said company President Bill Boniface. The message was echoed by officials from Sheet Metal Workers union locals 25 and 27.

Bonland's prior safety awards include a citation from the New Jersey Department of Labor, a Safety Masters Club Award from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and a 2001 Safety Contractor of the Year from the American Subcontractors Association.