DES PLAINES, Ill. - The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society announced 26 members were awarded certificate-member or certificate-member-specialist status in September, October and November.

To become a certificate member, applicants are tested on the knowledge required to install and service refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

The following members passed the certificate-member exam in September: Elmer D. Franklin, Flint, Mich.; Doug A. Stoll, Detroit; Stephen D. Smith, Charleston, S.C.; James R. Watkins, Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Richard F. Jones, Phoenix; and Robert D. MacPherson, also of Phoenix.

In October, these members passed the certificate-member exam: Timothy V. Bledsoe, Terre Haute, Ind.; John N. Boyer, Chattanooga, Tenn.; David T. Coley, Atlanta; Gary V. Fautz, Louisville, Ky.; Tommy C. Hedrick, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Bryon L. Lessley, Charlottesville, Va.; Michael S. Stocker, Raymond, Miss.; Ronald E. Glasscock, Rapid City, S.D.; George Arakelov, Chicago; and James M. Berry, Wilmington, Del.

In November, Chad A. Davis, Quincy, Ill.; Robbie W. Hall, Norman L. Mueller and David A. Schmidt, all of Cincinnati; Timothy S. Dyer, Raleigh, N.C.; Scott E. Wiser, Jefferson City, Mo.; and Wesley J. Park, Edmonton, Alberta, passed the certificate-member test.

To become a certificate-member specialist, an RSES member must pass the CM exam and one or more of six specialist tests.

The following members were awarded specialist status in September: Robert L. Nelson of Flint, Mich., and Robert D. Beasley Sr. of Norfolk, Va., passed the heating test. Jack Kinney of Charlotte, N.C., passed the commercial-refrigeration test. Dwayne F. Deaton of Athens, Ga., and Joseph A. Cahill of Philadelphia passed the HVACR-electrical test.

The following members were awarded specialist status in October: Richard Hoke of Batavia, Ill., and Joel D. Krause of Fargo, N.D., passed the commercial-refrigeration test. Gregory J. McKendall Sr. of New Orleans, passed the heating test. Ratib E. Baker of Baltimore; John E. Bennett of Flint, Mich.; and Charles W. Thomas Jr. of Nashville, Tenn., all passed the HVACR-electrical test.

In November, Hoke also passed the domestic service and HVACR-electrical tests. Robert S. Nelson, Concord, Calif., and George W. Hicks, Las Vegas, passed the HVACR-electrical test; and Steve Fordham, Salt Lake City, passed the domestic-service test.