The Invision 456P DC inverter was designed specifically for nonpulsed and pulsed wire welding in heavy-duty manual and automatic applications. It offers up to 600 amps of welding output (450 amps at 100 duty cycle) and weighs 118 lbs. and measures 16 in. X 15 in. X 26 in. It offers a very smooth and stable arc, excellent puddle control and clean, stumble-free arc starts. An electronic inductance control helps minimize splatter and improve weld-bead wetting by allowing the operator to create a "soft" or "penetrating" arc, depending on the application. This makes the welding of aluminum, stainless, silicon bronze, copper nickel and copper silicon especially easy. The Invision 456P's control panel is kept simple and easy to use. Digital volt and amp meters let operators know they are welding at the right parameters.

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